About Bobby Jones

Bobby Jones, born in 1902 in Atlanta, Georgia, won the Grand Slam, collaborated on the design of Augusta National Golf Club, founded The Masters, and was an inventor, innovator, entrepreneur, and scholar. He held degrees from Georgia Tech, Emory, and Harvard, practicing law until he died in 1971. Throughout it all, Jones remained disarmingly humble and a model of integrity, intellect, and sportsmanship.

The family of Robert Tyre “Bobby” Jones Jr. is pleased to announce they have launched the first-ever website dedicated to the life and career of Mr. Jones, www.bobbyjones.org.

Bobby Jones

“This is a very exciting time for us,” said Dr. Bob Jones IV, the grandson of Mr. Jones and President of Jonesheirs, Inc. The family-owned company, Jonesheirs, Inc., owns and licenses the Bobby Jones name, likeness and associated trademarks.

Dr. Bob Jones IV explains, “Many golfers, particularly younger ones, don’t know the complete story about my grandfather. We felt a comprehensive website dedicated to telling his story, that of the only winner of the Grand Slam, the co-founder of Augusta National Golf Club and the Masters, and a man of outstanding character, was long overdue.”

“Much has been written about Mr. Jones over the years, but there has never been an online presence or single source of information,” said Marty Elgison, the Jonesheirs attorney and advisor for the past 30 years. “In addition to the website, we also launched Facebook and Instagram social media pages to share fascinating facts and news about this legendary golfer and brilliant mind.”

In 2030, the world of golf will celebrate the centennial anniversary of Bobby Jones winning the Grand Slam, the only golfer to do so.

“The USGA has announced Merion Golf Club, where Bobby won the Grand Slam, will host the U.S. Open in 2030,” continued Bob Jones. “We believe some of the other courses where he won majors in 1930 may also be hosting national championships there in 2030. Thus, the ramp-up in the next seven years will be very exciting.”