The Bryson DeChambeau Story
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Bryson DeChambeau is an American professional golfer who plays on the PGA Tour. In 2015, he became the fifth player in history to win both the NCAA Division I championship and the U.S. Amateur in the same year. Bryson explains how he learned about SIK’s descending loft technology, the process of validating our claims and his game-changing experience with SIK Golf Putter.

He describes how he struggled with putting his first few months on tour and strived to improve his skills. When he heard about SIK’s technology he knew he had to give it a try. He talked to Steve Harrison who explained that descending loft technology is meant to launch the ball properly regardless of the ball position.

DeChambeau headed to SIK’s putting studio to work on his golf skills. He used their top of the line equipment to analyze and figure out how to correct his putting. He determined that there was a problem with how he was launching the ball. However, the DLT technology allowed him to launch it properly every time, creating a huge gain in his putting confidence, skill, and performance.

With the help of DLT technology, DeChambeau is now top 50 in the world with putting.

He swears by SIK technology as he claims that it allows him to perform at a level he has never experienced before. He explains how it is especially helpful for amateurs as they tend to have trouble returning the putter shaft to its exact location.

He also stresses how this technology is so unique in the market because it allows the ball to launch properly. It has been experimentally proven to work every single time, significantly enhancing putting skills and improving one’s golf game.

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